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the more the desire,

the more the secrets,

the more they remain the same...















story: ed lejano


screenplay: ed lejano & lye candelaria 








Finalist, Film Academy of the Philippines

Scriptwriting Competition 2005






copyright december 2004










        An intricate tale of passion in the tradition of the controversial hit "Basic Instinct", the film “Seroks” centers on a woman whose mysterious allure follows a trail of mystery for the men who desire her. A trail that sometimes lead to a tragic end...


          This psychological thriller unfolds in a pattern of duplicating elements that the film's title refers to as it reflects the contradictory notion of what is real and what is not.


          Set in the vibrant district of Recto, the story begins on a rainy night as Mina is shown looking for a place to rent. A man who has been following her sneaks into a room that she is inspecting. She comes face to face with the man and he suddenly pulls her in towards him. Without a single word being exchanged, Mina gives in to his amorous advances as they get locked into a passionate embrace, sprawling on the floor of the vacant room.


          Mina is on the run having fled the condominium unit she had been sharing with her rich businessman lover. His sudden, mysterious death has forced her to be like a fugitive, her actions in the aftermath of his death questionable, her future totally uncertain. Mina feels lost, leaving her vulnerable to any man who desire her. One of them is Lito.


          Lito is a xerox operator in a printing shop called Seroks who lives below the boarding house where Mina has taken refuge. He gets drawn to the enigmatic charms of Mina whom he secretly observes from his room downstairs.


          Soon the two discover a bond, both having been away from their families and sharing a common grief from unexpected tragedies that each of them have recently experienced.


          Events unravel from Mina's mysterious past that prevent Lito from pursuing his attraction for her. Things spin out of control as Mina, and later Lito, get involved in a complex web of desire, misfortune and betrayal.


          The story of Lito and Mina is complemented by a range of characters who vivify the story's motif and theme: Joaquin, the owner of the printing shop which will soon close down; Bon, a town mate of Mina who brings her on the brink of prostitution; Lyka, a recurring character perpetually dressed in a colegiala's uniform who "steals" Mina's identity; Fortune Serrano, the estranged wife of Angelo Serrano who is Mina's recently-deceased lover; Simon, a peddler of pirated vcd's who meets an ironic destiny in a video aptly entitled "The Recto Scandal"; and Clara, Lito's mute co-worker, who becomes a silent witness to the unfolding drama of common hopes and failed dreams.


          A sudden emergency involving his father forces Lito to go home to his province and this keeps him temporarily away from Mina. While he is gone, Mina encounters Bon, the shady bouncer of a girlie club called Paradiso.


          Bon has discovered something about Mina, who may or may not have something to do with the sudden death of her lover, Angelo. He knows why she is in hiding and uses it as blackmail to make her do things against her will.


          Soon Mina is left without a choice and unwittingly falls into a trap where she becomes offered as payment for a debt that Bon owes his boss, Charlie, the owner of Club Paradiso.


          Lito returns to Manila to discover that Mina has now become the latest mistress of Charlie and he realizes how powerless he is to win her back…


           One of the film's highlights occurs near the end where Lito, bloodied and bruised, makes love to Mina for the first and only time. They knock down everything around the shop including a xerox machine that runs incessantly and the two become engulfed by piles and piles of printed paper copies.


          Lito wakes up the next morning to discover Mina having disappeared without any explanation. In a fit of paranoia and depression, Lito's vision gets blurred by a flashing light like that of a whirring xerox machine. Soon he finds himself on a building rooftop and jumps over the ledge twelve floors below.


          The film climaxes with the revelation of surprising plot twists that seals the fates of its different characters. Lito’s ill-fated destiny, it turns out, unravels a common experience befalling the men who become Mina's lovers.


          What is revealed at this point is how the men who love Mina fall into a pattern of accidents. What has happened to her deceased lover and now, to Lito, affirms Mina’s destiny as an object of desire…with a curse.


          The other revelation is how Lito’s “accident” is mirrored by a past experience like that of his suicidal father. Betrayal and misfortune then are the dual legacies that father and son share in pursuit of their passions.


          The films comes full circle with a final twist in its voiceover narration, much like that of "Y Tu Mama Tambien", where intertwining events and identities have all become... "xeroxed".


          A richly textured drama where desire converges with grief and betrayal, where what is hidden merges with the dangerous, “Seroks” breaks new ground as a contemporary Filipino thriller in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.


          This tale of individuals leading lives on a downward spiral left to fend for themselves in the absence of their families puts a new spin to the thriller genre, Pinoy style. Riding on the current wave of the Asian horror/thriller phenomenon, the Filipino reinvention of the thriller has certainly long been overdue.


          Set amidst contemporary realities of urban alienation, forgery and piracy as it tackles the nature of identities, whether genuine or fake as a theme...this is the intriguing world of "Seroks".








Character List & Proposed Casting:



Main Characters:



- mid 20s; charmingly simple w/ rugged good looks;

the xerox operator in duplication shop in Recto



(Julianna Palermo)

- mid 20s; unconsciously seductive & sexy; the mysterious

new tenant at the boarding room above Lito's room




- late 20s; wears thick makeup & likes to dress

in an SM salesgirl uniform; a recurring cross-dressing character

w/ a big secret, she has a boyfriend named Rajid




Secondary Characters:



(Lauren Novero)

- late 20s; well-built & loves good times;

Lito's best friend who sells pirated dvd's in a

shop in Quiapo



(Soliman Cruz)

- late 40s, wears glasses; owner of duplication shop

named Seroks



(Neil Ryan Sese)

- late 20s; muscular; bouncer at a place called

Paradiso Club & lives in his old car; he had

Known Mina way back in Bicol



(Gerry Cornejo)

- early 30s; chinito-looking & macho;

owner of Club Paradise; he becomes Mina's new lover in the end




(Alcris Guerrero)

- 18; quiet & unobtrusive, like a wallflower; the mute

janitress in the Seroks shop


(Ramon Bautista)

- late 30s; Lyka's Indian boyfriend who sells jewelry; he

dies after finding out Lyka's big secret



(Irma Adlawan)

- early 40s; sophisticated & somewhat off-balanced;

wife of the late Angelo Serrano


Angelo Serrano

- early 40s; recently-deceased lover of Mina &

husband of Fortune Serrano


Tiya Odet

(Eliza Cornejo)

- late 40s; embittered & homely; Mina's aunt in Manila who

had driven Mina away from her house



- early 50s; Lito's handicapped father in Davao who uses

a wheelchair to move around due to a broken leg


Flora & Fauna

- early 20s; twin sisters who hook up one-time w/ Simon








Supporting Cast:


Female Staff      - late 20s; works in the recruitment office where Mina & Lyka are applying for a job in Japan


Woman Customer

                        - late 20s; plump & talkative; goes to Seroks shop to have ID picture taken by Joaquin


Foto-Me Girl       - early 20, attendant in a Foto-Me booth in     Recto


New Bouncer    - early 30s; well-built; replaces Bon as bouncer in Paradiso Club


Max                     - late 20s; Simon's friend who recruits him to a       new raket


Japanese Customer

                  - mid 30s, he is the club patron in a cocktail lounge whom Lyka will meet in the end


2 Card Players   - male, mid 30s; card players in Club Paradise; the two men will beat up Lito near the end


Toner           – a Lito's native dog given to him by Violy,

his girlfriend from Davao


Angela              - new pet poodle of Fortune Serrano





contact information:

ed lejano

tel: 9263640 (office)

mobile: 09175365513